nite ride


This recording was completed in a studio environment with a number of participants. It is an exploration of the sonic space created by the sound objects. It will be accessible in 5.1 surround sound through the upcoming Nite Ride publication.

In order to connect the modular intention of the original work the artist has defined a set of driving directions that a touch more experimental in nature. You can also follow the original route taken during the Nite Ride launch with the map provided. Download the mp3 and enjoy.

High Quality MP3 (160 kbps/Stereo) 49 MB download

Better Quality MP3 (320 kbps/Stereo) 85 MB download


Route Instructions/Titles:

A Case for Sound (Following Piece)

Press play.

Follow the vehicle directly in front of you until the soundtrack is complete.

If the vehicle you are following reaches its destination before the soundtrack is complete, choose the next available vehicle.

Follow until soundtrack is complete.

A Case for Sound (Drift)

With no destination in mind, choose a starting point and press play.

Your route is determined by the easiest, most immediate flow possible, resisting stopping as much as possible.

Drift until soundtrack is complete.

A Case for Sound (Old Chelsea Road)



nite ride